My EdTech Life
June 6, 2020

Episode 05: Surfing the 5C's with Wakelet-Special Guest James Davis from Wakelet

James Davis from Wakelet joined us for a great chat about the origins of Wakelet, the educational impact, the partnerships and what is to come. James answered the following questions during out wonderful conversation. 

Question 1: What was the vision of Wakelet when it first started?

Question 2: Was this platform geared for educators to begin with?

Question 3: Let’s Talk about the 5C’s

  • How Does Wakelet help in
    • Communication
    • Critical Thinking
    • Creativity
    • Collaboration
    • Curation

Question 4: Let’s Talk about Wakelet’s Community event that just happened. What are your personal takeaways from this event

Question 5: We know that the Wakelet Community is a tight community that is always willing to give feedback to help. What are some of the great things that Wakelet is working on to improve the platform?

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James Davis

Head of Community at @Wakelet. I love supporting all the awesome humans riding the #WakeletWave