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The Best Space to Discover the Highest Quality EdTech Advice and Tools

This podcast continues to be one of the best possible ways to discover cutting-edge, educational technology and thought leadership. Each episode provides genuine moments of reflection, curiosity, and wisdom. I love listening to this podcast and I am proud to support it each step of its journey! 😊

It's truly a must-listen!

The host is a fantastic interviewer and does an incredible job of bringing on guests who are at the forefront of education technology. The production value of the podcast is top-notch, and the host's passion for education and technology really shines through in every episode. Whether you're an educator, administrator, or just someone interested in the latest trends in education technology, I highly recommend the MyEdTechLife podcast.

Always Inspiring!

Insightful interviews with leading thinkers, entrepreneurs, and educators who are changing education. No matter what your role in education or years of experience, Fonz and his guests will inspire you!

Best there is!

Fonz is a great host and really does a fantastic job facilitating conversations with guests

Great show!

I always enjoy listening to this podcast. Fonz is authentic and passionate about education and is making a difference through this show!

Genuine and Authentic!

Fonz is such a genuine and kind host. He strives to provide a diverse array of education topics outside of EdTech that bring value to educators at all levels. His questioning is specific to each guest and rallies them to dig deeper into their own experiences, bringing tremendous value to any listener! A must-listen show for any educator looking to grow!

Passion for podcasting & a passion for serving

The Fons does a Fantastic job serving educators and helping them find ways to enhance learning in the classroom. His podcast is entertaining, refreshing, and practical for all teachers! If you’re a teacher looking for ways to grow your craft I would highly recommend this podcast!

Fonz is an enigmatic host!

The podcast is dope but more than that, the host, Fonz really makes the show feel warm. It’s like experiencing a conversation about the one thing you want to talk about with someone who hears you and can help you find the right words to say just through his line of questions. I shared the stage with Fonz as a guest but he made me feel so at home, I forgot we were recording. It was a vibe. You really should watch or listen to his show and subscribe ASAP so you don’t miss some serious golden nuggets!

Great Characters

My EdTech Life review

I look forward to My EdTech Life podcasts. Fonz is engaging and offers a structured and well organised show that highlights the meaningful stories of each guest that gives us insights we might never have expected. I am continually inspired by Fonz’s ability to provide meaningful content each episode. Can't wait for the next episode!

Amazing connections

I loved it! The way the host guides the interview in such an organic way that allows the guest to share freely and all the goodness comes out! Amazing work.

Listening is essential...

The stand out feature of every episode of this podcast is how much Fonz listens to his guests. He gives them the platform to share their stories and doesn't dominate. And then he punctuates the conversation with lots of insightful questions and conservations. Love Fonz's style!