May 20, 2020

Episode 04: The Importance of Twitter Chats and Becoming a Connected Educator

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In this show we interviewed James Varlack and Instructional Technology Specialist who with the help of his lovely wife moderate the #RGVEduChat.  If you are interested in starting a Twitter Chat, this episode is definitely one that is worth listening too. James speaks with us about the preparation that goes behind the scenes to offer us an amazing Twitter chat on Sunday evenings. James also shares with us his personal experiences and growth through participating in Twitter chats and let's us know where he sees the #RGVEduChat chat growing into. This is a worthwhile episode with various gems shared by James. 

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James Varlack

Christ Follower. Family Man. Proud Educator of Color. Bridging the gap between Education & Technology. The host of #RGVEduChat #OneWord is #Serve