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Tanya Clark

Senior Assistant Professor of English and Africana Studies

Dr. Tanya N. Clark Gaymon received her BA in English from Clark Atlanta University, her MA in English from the University of Rhode Island, and her Ph.D. in English with a Certification in Women’s Studies from Temple University and specializes in African American and American literature, African American literary criticism, Afrofuturism, and Women’s and Gender Studies. She’s a professor at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. She is currently writing a memoir detailing her experiences with infertility, twin pregnancy, pregnancy loss, and motherhood in which she situates herself as Afrofuturist subject battling intersecting oppressions within the technologically advanced space of today’s American healthcare system. She is also writing a scholarly book that uses womanist and speculative frameworks, particularly horror and Afrofuturism, to analyze the early African American female author Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins and her work with the Colored American Magazine.
One a more more personal note, Tanya is a wife to James, a bonus mom to 15-year old Jared, and mommy to 8-year old twins, Quincy and Maurice.

Oct. 9, 2021

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