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Matthew Rhoads, Ed.D.

I'm a seasoned young professional in education with interests in EdTech, Educational Leadership, data literacy in education, and data-driven decision making for educational leaders and teachers.

So far I have worn many hats in my young career - Educator (Special Education at the Secondary Level), university lecturer on EdTech and instruction to teacher candidates and faculty, author or "Navigating the Toggled Term, a current education consultant in EdTech, assessment, and instruction, co-author on several other works and research, former partner of an Edtech startup, legal and Congressional intern, and professional tutor and coach. I have a unique ability to meticulously problem solve, uphold professional standards, analytically research, manage and lead, and navigate multi-disciplinary projects.

- I have big ideas.
- Lots of people have big ideas. Those big ideas cannot be a reality without execution, and I do execution.
- I have an entrepreneurial fire and desire to create innovation in the educational world.
- I run towards fires because I believe this is the step needed to be taken in order to achieve.
- I love research and finding solutions to the problems in my day job and throughout my industry.
- I love teaching students and educators Edtech strategies and pedagogy inside and outside the classroom.
- My expertise is with EdTech integration and aligning the technology with research-based instructional strategies. In addition, I can train practitioners both the student and teacher workflows of tech while integrating instructional strategies. I do what I teach.
- My research incorporates the topics of data practices and applications in K-12 education, evidence-based practices for classrooms and organizational management, effective professional development, and data-driven decision-making for educational leaders and teachers.

I love making new professional acquaintances and networking. Check out my website and blog at to learn more about me and my work. Also, reach out if you would like to connect and talk education research interests, business, or even basketball.

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