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Daren White

I am an experienced Spanish & Digital Skills teacher and I am the Learning Technologies Lead across two secondary academies in Witham, Essex. I have held Senior Leadership roles for 10 years before my current role, leading on marketing, communication, 6th form, and assessment/curriculum.

I am a Google Certified Trainer, Innovator & Educator, an AET InnovAETor, and responsible for GDPR, Communication & Marketing within my academies.

One of my biggest passions is delivering G Suite training to Educational Support Staff to underpin the work in schools. I have been fortunate to deliver training at schools locally and internationally. I aim to embrace the #moonshotthinking approach to all projects.

I am an ambassador for Wevideo, Wakelet, Book Creator, Mote, and Iorad and also a leader of @GlobalGEG and co-leader of @GEG_UK.

I have written ebooks on Distance Learning that can be found here bit.ly/RangaNation

In my spare time, I play & coach hockey and help to organize an annual beer festival.

July 2, 2020

Episode 11: Tech Talks & More with Ben Moore and Daren White

On this episode we were joined by the Short & SUITE crew and we enjoyed a great chat about all things quarantine, wellness, and t…

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