July 2, 2020

Episode 11: Tech Talks & More with Ben Moore and Daren White

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On this episode we were joined by the Short & SUITE crew and we enjoyed a great chat about all things quarantine, wellness, and tech. Daren and Ben joined us all the way from Essex in the U.K. and they definitely came equipped with great material for some laughs but also some great tools such as WeVideo and Book Creator. This was a great show and worth checking out! 

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Until Next Time, Stay Techie, My Friends.


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Daren WhiteProfile Photo

Daren White

I am an experienced Spanish & Digital Skills teacher and I am the Learning Technologies Lead across two secondary academies in Witham, Essex. I have held Senior Leadership roles for 10 years before my current role, leading on marketing, communication, 6th form, and assessment/curriculum.

I am a Google Certified Trainer, Innovator & Educator, an AET InnovAETor, and responsible for GDPR, Communication & Marketing within my academies.

One of my biggest passions is delivering G Suite training to Educational Support Staff to underpin the work in schools. I have been fortunate to deliver training at schools locally and internationally. I aim to embrace the #moonshotthinking approach to all projects.

I am an ambassador for Wevideo, Wakelet, Book Creator, Mote, and Iorad and also a leader of @GlobalGEG and co-leader of @GEG_UK.

I have written ebooks on Distance Learning that can be found here bit.ly/RangaNation

In my spare time, I play & coach hockey and help to organize an annual beer festival.

Ben MooreProfile Photo

Ben Moore

#GoogleET | #AppleCT| @GEG_UK | @GlobalGEG |@Screencastify Genius |@InnovAETors | @WeVideo Ambassador | @Flipgrid Certified | @Edpuzzle Coach