Shannon Moore

As a teacher leader and coach, Shannon strives to build connections that are long-lasting and powerful. Whether she is in or outside of the classroom, her goal is to continually empower others to reach their fullest potential by living authentically, serving others, and taking small risks in an effort to build big confidence. She is a collaborative processor who strives to connect with others in an effort to learn and grow together because she truly believes we are all #BetterTogether. For the last decade, Shannon has passionately chased after knowledge in an effort to be the best teacher, mentor, and human she can be; she believes that knowledge does, in fact, equal power and she is doing all she can to tenaciously pursue the path of a lifelong learner. She is a proud wife, educator, leader, and cat mom who strives to be just a little bit better... than yesterday. She is also one of three co-hosts for the 3 Caffeinated Coaches podcast which tackles all things teaching, coaching, mentoring, and leading across education.

April 29, 2021

Episode 60: Amplify Creativity with Shannon Moore

Shannon Moore is a wonderful friend, creative, connector, leader, and passionate educator. In this episode, we shared our creativ…

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