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International Business Development Rep

I’m Nicole Rennie. I’m a Kami Teacher, a Kami Coach, and a Kami Mom…, and I love YELLOW so you may often see me in this color! I have always been excited by how technology can enhance how we understand things and make learning accessible to more than just those physically near a great teacher.

After teaching and authoring content for over 15 years, I specialized in “Strategic Implementation of ICT in Education” and became an EdTech Coach. In helping teachers implement different Ed Tech tools, I found nothing like the all-in-one classroom sidekick, Kami. Kami supports each teacher’s unique teacher magic, making it so easy to transform the content you want to use.. As a Kami Teacher Success Champion, I now get to share Kami’s magic with teachers worldwide, every day! I am privileged to walk alongside and encourage teachers - they’re my favorite people! I love supporting teachers that bravely take up opportunities to complement their reputable existing experience and pedagogical knowledge by prioritizing, experiencing, and modeling purposeful technology usage.

As a Kami Mom, I’m super grateful for the cheerful, engaging impact Kami has on my children’s learning and studying; plus Kami helps me simplify my family admin with painless digital paperwork!

Kami is here to help YOU too! Some of the future skills our students need are vastly different now. So we owe it to them to keep reviewing, refining & recreating educational solutions that not only serve the learning outcomes but also empower and equip them for THEIR future. Are you tapped into the enhanced engagement, easy habitual collaboration, and efficient feedforward and feedback that Kami can bring to your classroom environment? Let Kami help you support your students’ learning needs? Let Kami be your classroom sidekick, as you work your classroom magic! Let’s Kami:

Episode 192: Kami: The Ultimate Classroom Sidekick for Engaging Learning
April 15, 2023

Episode 192: Kami: The Ultimate Classroom Sidekick for Engaging Learn…

Meet Nicole Rennie , a Kami Teacher, Coach, and Mom passionate about technology's transformative power in education. With over 15 years of teaching and authoring content, she now champions Kami, an all-in-one classroom sideki...

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