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Micah Shippee, Ph.D.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Ready Learner 1

Micah Shippee, Ph.D. is the Chief Executive Officer of Ready Learner One LLC and author of WanderlustEDU: An Educator’s Guide to Innovation, Change, and Adventure. Micah is listed by EdTech Digest as one of the 100 top influencers in EdTech for 2019-2020. Micah is an instructional technology trainer and educator with two decades of experience. He serves the education community in several capacities including as the Eastern US lead for the Google Earth Education Experts team, as a Google Certified Innovator, and as a National Geographic Educator. Micah's innovative approaches to training and learning find him working to bridge the gap between research and practice. As an author, consultant, and keynote speaker, he focuses on the adoption of innovation through the development of learning cultures that embrace change. Micah is the co-author of “Reality Bytes: Innovative Learning Using Augmented and Virtual Reality.”

Episode 59: Ready Learner One
April 23, 2021

Episode 59: Ready Learner One

In this episode, Micah Shippee sat down with us to have a great conversation about his passion for education, his current work with Ready Learner One , and ChangeMaker EDU in offering a community-based approach to innovative ...

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