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Joshua Stamper

Training and Development Specialist, Teach Better

Joshua Stamper initially used his artistic talent, creativity, and original ideas as a professional graphic designer. He then transitioned to inspiring students to utilize their imagination and creative expression in public education. Being unsuccessful as a student growing up, Joshua never expected to be back in the classroom as a teacher, athletic coach, or administrator. His struggles as a student spawned a passion to change the education model, push the boundaries of traditional learning, and explore trauma-informed strategies. Before his current role, Joshua was a middle school administrator in North Texas for nine years and loved building future leaders, implementing restorative practices, and positively impacting the lives of his students.

Joshua Stamper is the Training and Development Specialist for the Teach Better Team, author of Aspire to Lead, podcaster, leadership coach, and education presenter.

Feb. 18, 2023

Episode 177: From Student Struggles to Teacher Leader

Get inspired by Joshua Stamper's journey from graphic designer to education leader! As a past student who faced adversity, he found his passion in turning struggles into successes. Now he uses his skills as the Training and D...

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