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James Brauer

Director of Graduate Studies (Avila University's School of Education) & Founder of LeadingEdge Teachers

With more than twenty years of experience in a variety of educational disciplines, Dr. James Brauer is a versatile educator. His expertise includes higher education, educational administration, digital learning, educational technology, and education management organizations. He currently serves as the Director of Graduate Studies and an Instructor at Avila University's School of Education.

Dr. Brauer assisted in the launch of three newly established online asynchronous degree programs as well as the development of faculty-led online learning communities.

His previous experience includes serving as the founding School Leader of Iowa Connections Academy, which provides virtual education to students in grades K-12 throughout the state of Iowa. His leadership at Iowa Connections Academy was marked by significant accomplishments, including the successful completion of two voluntary regional accreditation processes, and the achievement of family satisfaction rates consistently above 95 percent and an annual student enrollment retention rate above 75 percent.

Dr. Brauer holds an array of academic degrees, including:

Ed.D. Educational Administration with emphasis on urban leadership (University of Missouri-Kansas City);

Ed.S. Educational Administration (University of Missouri-Kansas City);

MBA with an emphasis in leadership/management (University of Kansas);

M.S.Ed. Adaptive Special Education (University of Kansas);

M.S.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction (University of Kansas); and

B.S.Ed. Social Studies Education (University of Kansas).

Jan. 28, 2023

Episode 170: AI in Education: The Impact of AI on Student Learning

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