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Jaclyn Gochoco

Director of Sales and Marketing

Jaclyn Gochoco is a passionate education advocate and innovative marketer, currently serving as the Director of Sales and Marketing at ClassHero. Dedicated to making K-8 core math curriculum more equitable and accessible to students, she brings new ideas to the table, utilizing marketing techniques that have never been tried before in education. Jaclyn is the creative force behind ClassHero's viral "Education Superhero" poster campaign, which has taken Twitter by storm. She feels passionately about celebrating world-class educators and giving them the recognition they deserve.

Feb. 4, 2023

Episode 171: ClassHero: Adding Language to the Equation

I'm excited to welcome Jaclyn Gochoco from ClassHero . ClassHero is a rapidly growing EdTech Company with a mission to 'Add Language to the Equation' and make schools more accessible for multilingual students. They provide n...

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