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The Packard household is a place where everything starts. My wife Kate runs the show behind the scenes - and she's also an education guru. I have three wonderful kids: Brooke, Abigail & John. All four have the "It Factor" and make me a better person each day. I also have two dogs: Princess & Rocco. In my spare time, I like to exercise, fish, read, and find ways to become better.
I am excited to be entering my 28th year in education - my 18th year at Charlton Middle School as an administrator. My journey in education has been very rewarding. I spent 10 years teaching history in high school and coaching boys' varsity basketball. I have also spent the last 18 years in administration at Charlton Middle School 7 as an assistant principal and the last 11 as principal. Every day is a gift as I have the greatest job in the world.
Let's build something great together!

July 10, 2021

Episode 77: Unlock The Middle

Join host Alfonso Mendoza in a conversation with Massachusetts principals and podcast hosts of Unlock the Middle, Dean Packard, a…

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