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Daniel Lopez

Host - The AI Education Conversation

Daniel Lopez is a lifelong educator focused on transforming postsecondary student outcomes as Managing Director of Program with OneGoal Massachusetts. OneGoal is a postsecondary planning program for marginalized students to pursue the greatest postsecondary aspirations in partnership with schools and districts across Massachusetts.

As a part of his drive to elevate the educational experience for students from marginalized communities, Daniel also hosts the AI Education Conversation podcast. The AI Education Conversation explores the opportunities, risks, and impacts of AI through conversations with stakeholders across education and technology.

Daniel is a current Leading For Equity fellow with the National College Attainment Network and an alumni of the Aspiring Latino Leadership Fellowship with Latinos For Education and the Civic Voices Fellowship of Leadership ISD.

Daniel is a first-generation college student and a proud alum of Boston University.

Episode 194: The AI Classroom: Transforming Education Through Conversations
April 19, 2023

Episode 194: The AI Classroom: Transforming Education Through Convers…

🎙️ Dive into this exciting episode of My EdTech Life, where we chat with the inspiring Daniel Lopez, a passionate educator on a mission to revolutionize postsecondary outcomes for marginalized students. As the Managing Direct...

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