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Andre Daughty

Dope Educator, Speaker, Facilitator of Learning, Content Creator

Andre Daughty's educational journey truly began after hearing Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu
state, "If you observe children, they will teach you how to teach them." That phrase
shifted Andre's philosophy of education. By observing the students in his own classroom
at the elementary, secondary and post-graduate level, he differentiated curriculum and
projects based on his students' interests. His workshops and professional development
seminars involve high energy, practical ways to use today’s strategies, collaboration
and fun stories to help connect the content to attender’s lives. He enjoys inspiring all
through workshops, speaking engagements, seminars and embedded coaching

May 7, 2022

Episode 110: Get Inspired! From Preschool to Prosperity

Each year, millions of preschoolers walk into classrooms for the first time excited about learning and elated to start their jour…

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