May 10, 2023

Episode 202: Envisioning and Shaping Tomorrow's World

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Join us for an exciting episode with Lori Mazor, an acclaimed architect and visionary who brings a unique perspective to education and business operations. Drawing on her extensive experience leading planning and design at top academic institutions, Lori shares her innovative approach to shaping the future with the power of Generative AI and Metaverse technologies. Her thought-provoking presentations challenge audiences to think beyond the present and embrace the possibilities of a rapidly-evolving world. Don't miss out on Lori's captivating insights and inspiring vision for the future!


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Lori MazorProfile Photo

Lori Mazor

CEO & Founder

Lori, a renowned architect and visionary with an extensive career in higher education, brings her unique perspective and expertise to the stage as a captivating and insightful speaker. Drawing on her experiences leading planning, design, and operations at prestigious academic institutions such as New York University and the City University of New York, Lori shares her innovative approach to envisioning and shaping the future.

As a recognized leader in integrating Generative AI and Metaverse technologies into education, workforce development, and business operations, Lori's thought-provoking presentations explore the power of technology in driving creativity, collaboration, and growth. With a strong focus on the potential of AI and the Metaverse to revolutionize education and the business landscape, Lori challenges audiences to think beyond the present and embrace the possibilities of the rapidly-evolving world.

Whether she's discussing design thinking, strategy, or operations, Lori's engaging and interactive presentations inspire and empower individuals and organizations to adopt a forward-thinking mindset and prepare for the future.