May 24, 2023

Episode 206: From Music Stages to Classroom Pages: A Journey into EdTech Innovation

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Get ready for an exciting episode of My EdTech Life as we sit down with the ever-dynamic Maxwell Roach, founder of JonAyves Learning Club. This isn't your ordinary tutoring service - imagine kids as young as three mastering concepts like long division! Maxwell's fascinating journey has seen him dip his toes into various sectors, from childcare to music, tech to food, and finally, find his true calling in education. With a BA from the University of Toronto and a Professional in Human Resources certification, he's rubbed shoulders with music giants like Beyoncé and the Rolling Stones, commandeered a multi-center childcare organization, and even shared his expertise with global e-commerce tech companies. Maxwell, a true serial entrepreneur, is all about disrupting the norm and introducing modern solutions to fill industry gaps. Don't miss out on this enlightening chat as we explore his unique take on education and innovation.


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Maxwell RoachProfile Photo

Maxwell Roach

Children's Author / Founder / Musician

Maxwell is the Founder of JonAyves Learning Club, a forward-thinking tutoring service that teaches children concepts such as long division as early as the age of 3. Max has traveled a diverse career trajectory, spanning the child care, music, food, technology, and education sectors. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto and is certified as a Professional in Human Resources (PHRi). This has opened doors to an eclectic and wide range of opportunities, including performing as a musician, sharing stages with Beyoncé and the Rolling Stones, leading a multi-centre child care organization as CEO, and working as an Operations Director and Consultant for e-commerce tech companies globally. Maxwell is a serial entrepreneur who values the need to "fill the industry gaps" by way of disruption and modern solutions.