March 28, 2023

Episode 187: Crafting Engaging Classroom Moments with AI

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Join me as I welcome, Logan Greenhaw, 8th Grade English Language Arts teacher, and innovative mind behind Auto Classmate. He shares his inspiring journey from thru-hiker and freelance web developer to full-time teacher and creator of a cutting-edge AI-powered platform for educators. Discover how Logan merges technology with a life-giving approach to learning in this can't-miss interview.

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Logan GreenhawProfile Photo

Logan Greenhaw

Teacher, Founder/CEO

Logan Greenhaw, an 8th Grade English Language Arts teacher at a public school in Hendersonville, North Carolina, is also the innovative mind behind Auto Classmate. This website boasts a digital suite of AI-powered tools that empower educators to craft more engaging and impactful moments in the classroom.

Logan's journey towards teaching was not a straightforward one. He first pursued a degree in Religion and Philosophy before embarking on a transformative thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail with his partner, Morgan. During graduate school, Logan's interest in technology grew, leading him to become a freelance web developer and designer.

Although he enjoyed his work, it wasn't until Morgan reminded him of his passion for teaching that Logan discovered his true calling. In 2021, he made the leap to full-time teaching while continuing to develop websites on the side. Merging his two passions, Logan created Auto Classmate, a platform that fuses cutting-edge technology with a life-giving approach to learning.