Nov. 19, 2022

Episode 150: Click Record! Reasons You Should Start A Podcast

Fonz and George discuss George's work as a podcaster and content creator. They talk about how George helps people overcome imposter syndrome and how he encourages people to express their creativity. Lloyd has been passionate about podcasting since he first discovered the medium in 2016. He started his own podcast in 2019 and has been helping others start their own podcasts since December 2020. He is known as the podcast guy or the podcast hype man because of his passion for encouraging people to start their own podcasts.

The conversation centered around the reasons why someone should start a podcast, despite the fact that there are already many people in that particular niche. The reasons given were that starting a podcast is a creative art form where what you put out will be different than what's already out there and that the data suggests that the longer you podcast, the less competitive podcasts are.

The conversation discusses the difficulties of podcasting and how it can be a lonely experience. George also discusses the advantages of starting a podcast now, while the medium is still in its infancy. They mention that there are still many opportunities available for new podcasters, especially for minorities who are not yet represented in the medium.

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Lloyd GeorgeProfile Photo

Lloyd George


Lloyd is a Zimbabwean American content creator. As a podcaster & TikTok'er, Lloyd uses his platform to help people start their first podcast.

Over the last six months, Lloyd has accumulated over 1.3M views and has built a community of 11,000 aspiring podcasters through beginner-friendly tips, giveaways, and resourceful content.

Lloyd has been a consumer of podcasts since 2015 and produced his first podcast in 2019.