March 8, 2023

Episode 182: Keeping the Focus on Practice Over Product

Looking to transform your teaching and learning experience through effective tech integration? Look no further than tonight's podcast episode featuring Jed Stefanowicz, Digital Learning Coach, in Walpole, Massachusetts. With over 25 years of experience in elementary education and a passion for building staff and student digital learning capacity, Jed shares his expertise in creating engaging and equitable digital learning environments. Join us as we discuss his book "Take AIM at Digital Learning: Activate, Innovate, Motivate and Impact to Influence" and learn how to activate innovation in your classroom. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation!

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Jed StefanowiczProfile Photo

Jed Stefanowicz

Digital Learning Coach, Author, Dad

As a Digital Learning Coach in Walpole, Massachusetts, Jed Stefanowicz provides job-embedded professional development and instructional coaching for academic technology. Through conferences, workshops, and coaching, Jed aims to engage and build staff/student digital learning capacity, keeping the focus on practice over product. As a 25 year elementary educator, speaker, blogger, and former Massachusetts Teach Plus Policy Fellow, Jed shares his passion for effective tech integration to transform teaching and learning, creating engaging and equitable digital learning environments and experiences that activate, innovate, and motivate digital learning. He is the author of Take AIM at Digital Learning: Activate, Innovate, Motivate and Impact to Influence.
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