April 26, 2023

Episode 197: Transforming Feedback into Actionable Steps

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Get ready to revolutionize how you give feedback to your students with gotFeedback! As part of gotLearning's Collaborative Learning System, gotFeedback is the first classroom teacher’s feedback tool built on OpenAI’s Large Language Model API. With gotFeedback, you can provide personalized and timely feedback that is goal-referenced, tangible, actionable, user-friendly, ongoing, and consistent. Unlike other feedback tools, gotFeedback allows you to moderate AI feedback so you can choose which elements are appropriate to share with your students.

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Mike RutherfordProfile Photo

Mike Rutherford

Founder & CEO

Mike has been in education all his life either as a student, middle school teacher, K-12 technology professional developer, school district EdTech director, K-12 industry consultant and business development, educational publishing and professional development executive, middle school and high school teacher, librarian, and EdTech entrepreneur - actually in that order!

Most recently, Mike moved back to the States from Bangkok, Thailand, where he returned to the classroom as a 6th-grade English Language Arts and Social Studies teacher at International School Bangkok. After returning to the U.S., Mike started Growth Over Time Learning (gotLearning) in 2020 based on the software he built to manage the learning conversations in his middle school grade classroom.