May 6, 2021

Episode 62: The Hustle Culture and STEM for All!

I just wrapped up a wonderful and powerful interview with my friend K.D. a.k.a <glamtechy/>. She definitely brought some truths regarding the Hustle Culture, what it is and what it can do to someone, mentally, physically, and more. She shared some great tips on how to digitally detox and still be creative on social media. K.D. is also very passionate about planting the STEM seed to all and is passionate about helping everyone from high school to those that may want to try a new career later in life. 

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Khelseia Dunn "K.D." Profile Photo

Khelseia Dunn "K.D."

KD works as a system engineer in the financial services sector. She has been in tech for nine years. She created her business, Glamtechy, to be a resource to help educate and aid minorities about the tech industry. She quickly realized there is a huge gap for diverse talent in STEM fields. And hopes to be an advocate to help bring in more diversity and inclusion in this space.