April 17, 2021

Episode 58: Ignite A Spark

On this show we are joined Amanda Macias, Instructional Coach, from Fontana, California. We had a great conversation about wearing many hats, unsubscribing to learning loss, building relationships and community within our schools and Esports.

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Amanda Macias Profile Photo

Amanda Macias

With over 16 years under her belt in K-8 education using technology, inside and outside of the classroom, Amanda Macias ignites a spark in students’ lives and the educators she engages. As a K-5 Common Core, Instructional Support Coach, in Fontana, California, she is responsible for coaching educators and supporting instructional practices, as well as district initiatives. Amanda is currently a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, MIE Trainer, Minecraft Education Edition Mentor, Wakelet Ambassador and Flipgrid Student Voice Ambassador. In 2020 Amanda was named Inland Area CUE Innovator of the Year. She is also a co-host and blogger for the TechTalkRadio Podcast. Her favorite thing to do year-round is to build amateur props with CalHaunts, beside her husband for their community home-haunt display every Halloween.