Nov. 23, 2020

Episode 31: My EdTech Life Presents: From Jukebox Hero to Digital Hero with Chris Bradley

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In this episode, Chris shares his story of uncertainty, adversity, and faith through times of COVID-19. Listen to a great story of how a former Radio DJ's passion for education has driven him to equip himself to help his school district and neighboring school districts with the skills he learned during our lockdown. Chris shares a passion for education that can be felt as he shares his story with us. You can follow Chris at You can also visit his site at

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Christopher Bradley M.Ed, M. SciProfile Photo

Christopher Bradley M.Ed, M. Sci

I am an educator, broadcaster, journalist, and skilled junior network engineer/systems administrator. Willing to commute for right opportunity. Some coding experience, entry-to-intermediate level cyber security/information security skills. Advanced-to-expert level technology generalist. I am a big fish waiting to be hooked. Cast your line!