Oct. 10, 2020

Episode 26: My EdTech Life Presents: Esports with Chris Aviles

Joining us today is Chris Aviles who is a co-author of the highly anticipated book titled The Esports Education Playbook. Chris will talk to us about his experience in the world of Esports and how you can start a program in your district.

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Chris AvilesProfile Photo

Chris Aviles

Chris Aviles is a teacher for the Fair Haven school district in Fair Haven, New Jersey where he runs the renowned Fair Haven Innovates program he created in 2015.

The Fair Haven Innovates program is the Fair Haven school district’s 21st-century life, innovation, and technology program for 4th to 8th graders. Chris uses social entrepreneurship to help students learn the skills they’ll need to be successful when they grow up. Students sell products that solve problems as they run real businesses that turn a real profit. Students use a percentage of these profits to give back to their community through their student-run charity FH Gives.

Part of the FH Innovates program includes the FH Knights, the first middle school esports team in the country. As coach of the FH Knights, Aviles, and his players take on all comers including other middle schools, high schools, and colleges. To help other schools in New Jersey bring esports and all its benefits to students, Chris founded a nonprofit Garden State Esports.

Chris has written two books: The EdCorps Classroom and The Esports Education Playbook

You can learn along with Chris at TechedUpTeacher.com and follow his work in scholastic esports at GSEsports.com.