Aug. 29, 2020

Episode 23: My EdTech Life Presents: Scripted, Your Recipe Guide to Creating a Successful Digital Media Model.

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On this episode we spoke to Scripted authors Paula Neidlinger and Bruce Reicher about their new book that is a great resources to help teachers learn how to create content for their classes. Paula and Bruce share some great tips and resources to help novice and expert teachers create with content tips for not only them but their students. You can check out their book site at You can also follow the authors by clicking on their handles below. 

Paula Neidlinger@pneidis a globally connected, 28 year middle school, veteran media educator, presenter, and author.

Bruce Reicher @breicheris a grade 6-8 middle school technology teacher with 25 years experience.

Randall Tomes @RandallTomes1is a grade 1-6 elementary digital media design teacher with 25 years of experience.

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Paula NeidlingerProfile Photo

Paula Neidlinger


Paula Neidlinger @pneid is a globally connected, 28-year veteran media educator, presenter, and author.