Aug. 15, 2020

Episode 20: Content Creation & Exercising Your Creative Muscles with Al Thomas

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This week we had a great time talking about content creation and exercising our creative muscles with Al Thomas. Has has served in various capacities in the field of education and has the ability to bring his creativity to new heights because of his experience. Al encourages us to simply create because, "you don't know who is waiting on you to do that thing" to inspire others. You can find some amazing resources on Al's page at educopilot.comand you can follow Al on Instagram @educopilot and Twitter @educopilot.

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Albert ThomasProfile Photo

Albert Thomas

Al Thomas is an educational leader with more than eighteen years in the field of education. His passion is to develop and curate unique and innovative solutions that improve the quality of the learning experience and to inspire educators by telling stories through cinematic, documentary-style films.