July 1, 2020

Episode 10: A Good Digital Citizen-Marialice Curran Ph.D

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Marialice Curran Ph.D joined our show and shared so many wonderful resources with us regarding Digital Citizenship. She also made a big announcement on our show regarding the #DigCitSummit being held October 12-16 of this year. She also shared how importance of learning together as a community about Digital Citizenship. If you'd like to follow Marialice on Twitter you can find her @mbfxc. You can also find some great resoures on her website www.mbfxc.com.

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Marialice Curran, Ph.D.Profile Photo

Marialice Curran, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO of Digital Citizenship Institute
The Digital Citizenship Institute is committed to promoting social good through the use of technology and social media. Turning the tide away from the negative stories on cyberbullying, sexting, trolling, tech addiction, and inappropriate uses of technology, the Institute extends this conversation to amplify the positive. Viewing social media as a powerful learning tool, the focus is on encouraging practical solutions for students, schools, and all communities. We do this by embedding core skills and concepts into all grades and subjects, putting ideas into action, and transforming problems into opportunities.