June 27, 2020

Episode 08: Aulas Conectadas con Google Innovator Pedro Aparicio (Español)

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Pedro Aparicio, Google Innovator de la Ciudad de México, se unió a nuestro programa para compartir sobre la importancia de aulas conectadas. Pedro compartió sus experiencias con poder conectar a sus alumnos con  aulas a nivel internacional y cómo eso ha dado a sus alumnos la capacidad de aprender y ver el mundo desde una lente diferente.

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Pedro AparicioProfile Photo

Pedro Aparicio

I am a Google Certified Innovator with twenty five years teaching in Lower and Middle School in Mexico City. I hold a Master's Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies with a certificate in Educational Technologies from the State University of New York. I have the Certificate in Advanced English from the University of Cambridge, UK. I also possess a Bachelor’s degree in education from the “Universidad del Valle de México”. I lived for four years in California, where I graduated from high school with an achievement signed by then President Bill Clinton.

I am the co-founder of #MexEdChat and #ImpactoEDU. Also, I am a Cambridge Oral Examiner for young learners, KET, PET and First Certificate. My goal is to make a valuable contribution to enhance teaching effectiveness among children. I have demonstrated strong intellectual interests and personal commitment to education for several years. I have an abiding respect and care for my students. I am deeply aware that parents are partners and co-educators of their children. By working collaboratively we can maximize the ability for students to achieve their learning potential.

Specialties: Google Apps For Education, Language Arts, Education and Technology.