Sept. 4, 2021

Episode 85: Maximizing Imagination

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Dennis Mathew is a husband, father, elementary school speech pathologist, singer-songwriter, and author. For over 20 years Dennis has had the joy and honor of working with children in public schools. His published works so far are “Bello the Cello”, “My Wild First Day of School”, and “How Grizzly Found Gratitude”. He is also a singer-songwriter with a published music album for schools called, “The Let’s Roar Experience”. Through his books and music Dennis has reached tens of thousands of students worldwide since 2018.

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Dennis Mathew


My background: I am an elementary school speech pathologist going into my 15th year working in public schools. Since 2019 I have also been a children's author and songwriter. I have three books and one music album published. My content is all integrated with SEL, the 7 mindsets, the growth mindset, trauma-informed care, language enrichment, social skills topics, etc. To date, I have sold around 15K copies of my books (90% of which has been distributed to public schools nationwide), presented to around 120 schools, and reached 70K+ students with my books and music.