May 6, 2023

Episode 201: Curipod: Streamlining Lesson Creation

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In this episode, we dive into how AI is revolutionizing education with Eirik Heres Berre of Curipod. Discover how Curipod empowers teachers to create lessons in seconds and allows students to interact with them in a whole new way. From polls and word clouds to open questions and drawings, learn how Curipod captures student voices and transforms the classroom experience. Tune in now to learn more!

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Eirik Hernes BerreProfile Photo

Eirik Hernes Berre

COO - Curipod

Have loved school my whole life and was born with a Hermione reflex. A big Harry Potter fan created a Harry Potter Club in my high school and got 2/3 to join. Co-founded the Norwegian Quidditch Association. Worked as an educator in Norway and Mozambique. Education as economist at co-founded Curipod during my studies. Has been a part of Curipod from the beginning.