May 20, 2023

Episode 204: Empowering Teens for the Future: Inside the Pages of 'Brand Up'

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Join us for an insightful conversation withStacey Ross Cohen and Jason Shaffer, authors of "Brand Up: The Ultimate Playbook for College & Career Success in the Digital World." In this episode, we delve into their modern playbook designed to equip teens with strategies and tools for success in high school, college, and their first job. Discover the sage advice, practical tips, and in-depth skill-building guidance provided in "Brand Up" which covers essential areas like networking, interviewing, entrepreneurship, and social media. As our world becomes increasingly connected and competitive, teens must develop a positive personal brand and a strong digital footprint early on.


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Stacey Ross CohenProfile Photo

Stacey Ross Cohen

CEO and Author

Stacey Ross Cohen is an award-winning brand professional who earned her stripes on Madison Avenue and at major television networks before launching Co-Communications. A TEDX speaker, Stacey is a contributor at prominent media outlets (Entrepreneur, Huff Post, Thrive Global). Stacey has been recognized as PRSA practitioner of the Year, City & State NY/Power 100, and Forbes Enterprise. She holds an MBA from Fordham University and a Media/Technology certificate from NYU Leonard Stern School of Business. Stacey's book Brand Up: The Ultimate Playbook for College & Career Success (Post Hill Press/Simon & Schuster) was released in early April. Dedicated to empowering youth as future leaders, she advocates digital literacy as an essential skill for teens.

Jason ShafferProfile Photo

Jason Shaffer


Jason Shaffer is a trailblazer in creating progressive curriculum which equips and empowers middle and high school students with the necessary skills in today's innovation economy. Jason is currently an Innovation Institute Instructor at Lake Highland Preparatory School, where he teaches entrepreneurship to middle school students to fuel work/life success. He previously developed the Personal Branding and Digital Communications curriculum for North Broward Preparatory School and has taught hundreds of students how to expertly manage their social media profiles and behaviors. Jason's curriculum, a graduation requirement at North Broward Prep, has become a model for schools nationwide. Jason has been recognized for his teaching excellence with North Broward's Soaring Eagle award and the Meritas Excellence in Teaching award. Jason received his B.A. in History from Florida Atlantic University.