March 6, 2023

Episode 181: Everyday Is Day 1

Join me on this inspiring episode of My EdTech Life as I chat with Brandarius, a suicide survivor who shares his deeply moving story of hope and resilience. Discover how his personal mantra, "Everyday Is Day 1," is helping him and thousands of others live life to the fullest.

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Brandarius JohnsonProfile Photo

Brandarius Johnson

Author/speaker/ social entrepreneur

A survivor of suicide, Brandarius has published his personal biography which reveals a deep and compelling story of hope and resilience.

His book titled ‘Mental Hope’ highlights the fact that: There is No Surgery For Depression. His readers will feel empowered to know there is always hope - even in their darkest moments.

This is why this Las Vegas native has designed a clothing brand called Day 1 Ambition that embodies messages like, 'The World Wouldn't Spin the Same Without You!' and the ‘Mental Hussle Continues’.

His personal mantra: 'Everyday Is Day 1' has inspired him and thousands of other people to continue to live the life they aspire!