March 18, 2023

Keeping the Focus on Practice Over Product: A Conversation with Jed Stefanowicz

Keeping the Focus on Practice Over Product: A Conversation with Jed Stefanowicz

In Episode 182 of My Ed Tech Life, I welcomed special guest Jed Stefanowicz, a digital learning coach from Walpole, Massachusetts. We discussed how we both share similar roles in education, despite having different titles. In this conversation, Jed shares his origin story, revealing that he always had a passion for teaching, although he didn't always know he would end up as a digital learning coach. We then dove into the importance of keeping the focus on practice over product, encouraging teachers to refresh and reinvent their lessons. We discussed how technology can be used to amplify student learning, emphasizing the importance of content creation over transactional work. This conversation is a must-listen for anyone in education who is interested in staying current in their practice and helping students reach their full potential.

Capturing and Creating Magic Moments in Education

Education is all about creating experiences and moments that students will remember for a lifetime. These moments are not driven by worksheets or curriculum but by instructional practices that are memorable, meaningful, and measurable. Technology can amplify these moments, but it's important not to get carried away with the product and focus on the practice.

To create these types of learning experiences, educators should look around them, ask questions, and collaborate with others. They should prioritize activating the content, innovating instruction, and motivating learners. Teachers should also be encouraged to share their instructional practices as it can benefit everyone involved.

Capturing these magic moments is crucial, and digital tools can help. However, it's important to focus on student content creation and not just the tools themselves. Teachers should also ensure that students can explain the process to create that content and that it aligns with their learning objectives.

In the end, it's all about designing instruction in a way that sparks those magical moments. When teachers can capture those moments and create meaningful and measurable learning experiences, students will be motivated to learn and succeed.

Leveraging Technology in Education: Enhancing Student Learning and Teacher Morale

In education today, there is a growing trend of using technology to enhance student learning and to transform teacher practice. With technology, teachers now have more tools at their disposal to create a more authentic learning experience for their students. Technology can also help teachers streamline their workload and make teaching more efficient.

One key advantage of technology in the classroom is that it provides an audience for students. By giving students an audience, teachers can help them develop their authentic voice, which is crucial for capturing their learning process and demonstrating their understanding of math practices or any other subjects.

However, it is important for teachers to have a clear understanding of why they are using technology in their teaching. Using too many apps or tools can be overwhelming and unfocused. It is important to be intentional and strategic in incorporating technology into the classroom. To achieve this, teachers may focus on digital wellness, competency, and creativity. They should plan and align their teaching with the technology used.

In conclusion, technology is a powerful tool that can enhance learning experiences for both students and teachers. Teachers need to be intentional in their use of technology and align it with their teaching goals. By doing so, they can create a more meaningful and authentic learning experience for their students while making their jobs easier and more efficient.