Dec. 10, 2020

Focusing on the Goal and Not the Failures and Learn More

Focusing on the Goal and Not the Failures and Learn More

If you are familiar with our show, you know that I usually go live on Saturday mornings. However, since I am now on a short break from school, I decided to free up my weekends and start doing the show on Wednesday evening. Last night I was so excited as I usually am because I had some amazing guests. Well, that show starts and I think everything is good to go as usual. However, I didn't realize that I went through the whole show with a sound malfunction. 

Once I saw the playback after the show, a sense of failure and embarrassment came over me. I was a bit disheartened because I had not had a technical issue this big in the 33 shows that I have done. I am not saying that I haven't had other small issues with tech issues happen, because they do, but this one was by far the biggest yet.   

Well, instead of really dwelling on this situation, I contacted other podcaster friends of mine to help me troubleshoot and learn about what I could do differently so this issue does not repeat itself. Here are the following things that I learned.

1. Always hardwire your laptop to your internet. This whole time I had just been using my WiFi connection as it has been really reliable, but as I learned, things happen. 

2. Don't see these experiences as failures, but learn from them. I immediately sought help from friends to ask for advice. Never be afraid to ask for help because in doing so you will only continue to learn new things. 

3. We will fail many times. We are not exempt from failure, but it is how we react to that failure that can affect us. I know that this will not be the first time that something will go wrong, but I will be equipped and prepared when similar situations arise. 

4. Keep doing what you love. Although I may have sounded funny throughout the whole show, Cari and LeeAnn did an amazing job in delivering an amazing message about their amazing work with Makerspaces. It is all about the message and being able to get content out. 

So these are a couple of things that were on my mind and my heart to share with you all today!

Until Next Time, Stay Techie, My Friends!