May 4, 2023

Episode 200: Empowering Student Voice Through Storytelling

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Join us for an inspiring conversation with Tanya Avrith, Education Evangelist at Adobe. Tanya is a passionate advocate for student voices and believes in the power of storytelling in education. In this episode, we will discuss the importance of creativity, identity, and connection in learning and how storytelling can help foster these qualities in students. Tanya also shares insights on how technology can be used to enhance storytelling in the classroom and her experiences as an education leader. Don't miss this enlightening and thought-provoking conversation!

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Tanya AvrithProfile Photo

Tanya Avrith

Education Evangelist

Tanya Avrith is the co-author of “The Google Infused Classroom” and the “Microsoft Infused Classroom”. She is a Google Certified Innovator, Apple Distinguished Educator, and Adobe Education Leader. As an advocate for student voice, Tanya believes in the power of storytelling in Education. She has seen stories help kids explore their creativity, construct their identities and connect with others first-hand – a principle that she has the privilege of spreading with the help of Adobe Education, as their Education Evangelist.