April 18, 2023

Episode 193: A Journey Through Creative Education & AI Magic

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Join me as I welcomeAmanda Fox, an award-winning educator and author, as she shares her magical journey through innovative education, AI conversations, and augmented reality! This episode dives into how she harnesses technology to transform classrooms and inspires young minds with whimsical stories. Get ready to learn about her popular books, like The Canva Classroom, The A to Z to Field Guide to Canva, and Teachingland. She is the co-author of The AI Classroom: Teaching and Learning in the Artificial Intelligence Revolution, and discover how her passion for creativity has made learning fun and engaging for children everywhere. Let's unleash the power of imagination and AI today!

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Amanda FoxProfile Photo

Amanda Fox

CCO TeacherGoals, Author, Speaker

Amanda Fox, is the Chief Content Officer for Teachergoals.com and currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky. She has taught English Language Arts, Social Studies, Film, Journalism, and enjoys writing, illustrating, and cooking in her free time.

Recipient of the 2016 ISTE Emerging Leader Award, recognized as a PBS Digital innovator for her initiatives in enhancing student learning with technology, Fox has also served as President of the Young Educator Network for ISTE, and received the President's Volunteer Award in 2018. She is the author of The Canva Classroom, The AI Classroom, Teachingland: A Teacher's Survival Guide to the Classroom Apocalypse, Zom-Be A Design Thinker, and Markertown. Look for her upcoming releases, Artie-Bot Draws A Lot and Markertown 2. Learn more or connect with Amanda on Twitter @AmandaFoxSTEM