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Darya Yergorina, DBA

As a matter of introduction, I am a quantitative futuristic thinker and reality disruptor. I strongly believe in people and their skills.

As a new business rainmaker, I am focused on driving profits through new growth hacking methods and digital transformation based on Lean Six Sigma methodology and increasing team value.

My major areas of expertise are strategic sales, partnerships, M&A, project management, technical scoping and project implementation, start-ups and entrepreneurship, coaching & mentoring, strategic consulting, company operational transformation, sales optimization, export, and international trade projects, international direct and indirect distribution channels, pricing strategy, innovating and emerging technologies (AR, VR, AI).

I am a professional speaker 20+ global events yearly. Winner of Global Female Leader Award in Entrepreneurship (2018), Young Entrepreneur Award in Ireland (2016), Featured as Top Thought leader, Influencer in AR&Edtech by Thinkers 360 (2020), Young European Leader (2020), featured in multiple media sources like Irish Times, Business&Finance, Forbes and Inc.com.

Jan. 16, 2021

Episode 38: How Can Augmented Reality Augment Learning? Darya Yergori…

In this episode, we talk about the future of work, Augmented Reality. Darya and Inna talk to us about how important it is to be a…

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